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Selling your property in Christchurch Central

Selling your home can be a daunting thought but with the right agent it can be straight-forward and stress-free.

Proper preparation prevents poor performance is fun to say but it’s also something we take seriously, because with a well thought out plan and a proven process you will always get the best result when selling your property.

Anyone can sell a home, but to get the best sale price in the best time takes a level of experience and a degree of skill that not all agents possess.

To avoid sounding arrogant we won’t tell you how skilled or wise we are, but we’ll happily let our clients tell you.

Aaron is without doubt the best real estate agent I have ever worked with.
He was personable, authentic, trustworthy and genuinely cared for our personal situation.

K. Manders, Christchurch

“Real estate is much more about people than it is about property.  Buyers want to pay as little as possible and sellers want to make as much as possible which might make our job seem impossible, however, with the right approach we can achieve a win-win where both vendor and purchaser are happy.”

Aaron Pero – Director & Agent

Let’s chat

Well before a transaction occurs we need to have a conversation about why and when you want to sell. 
It could be years away or it could be right now, either way let’s catch up soon for a no obligation, no cost chat where we can discuss your property and your plans.

Complete this form to arrange a meeting at your place or ours.

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Can you appraise tenanted properties?2022-11-29T21:20:27+13:00

Yes.  We arrange a time to view the property with your tenant or we can do a virtual appraisal (with some limitations) if you’d prefer not to disturb the tenants.

How long does it take?2022-11-29T21:15:42+13:00

It depends what you are wanting from the appraisal.  For example, you’ve just finished renovations, you’ve got no intention of selling but you’d like an idea of your home’s new value. This could be 15-30 minutes.  If you’ve made the decision to sell but haven’t decided who will be your agent, then a deeper discussion should take place and you should allow 60 minutes plus.

Will you give me the market value?2022-11-29T21:04:27+13:00

Yes and No.  The market value of your property is, as the name suggests, determined by the market. However, we will present you with comparable sales which will give you an indicative value of your property.

Do I pay anything for an appraisal?2022-11-29T21:01:36+13:00

No. An appraisal is completely free of charge whether you list your home or not.

Are there any obligations?2022-11-29T20:58:56+13:00

No.  There is no obligation to list your property with us after an appraisal.


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